Orlando from Lake Lucerne

Whether you represent a private company or a governmental organization, based anywhere in the world, we invite you to discover more about TELETEC GLOBAL CONTRACTORS (TGC), your world-class partner in Egypt, Middle East and USA. We aim to provide you with a view of the breadth and diversity of our company, its activities and some of its accomplishments.


"Discover the unique world of TELETEC GLOBAL CONTRACTORS (TGC)"

TGC has built its strong heritage on a business model philosophy:

"To do more than is expected … for Client, Project and Community"

Over the years, TGC has implemented a variety of measures to respond to changes in its operating environment and built a strong foundation for further growth.

Our future plan is to sustain continuity and indeed achieve growth by expanding further into manufacturing. We are proud of our past accomplishments, but we are even more excited about the future.

We have the organization, we have the dedication and sincere commitment of professionals and workmen alike, and we have the collective will to contribute to development and progress, as we had in the past.

We Sincerely Appreciate Your Interest in Our Company